The tulip is a symbol of eternal love. What other symbol could Philomena have chosen for this bag, a declaration of love for nature?
Tulip is a bag that is both elegant and jaunty. With lightness, it reminds us of our responsibility as inhabitants of the Earth: to take care of this planet through our choices, whether big and small.

Tulip eco friendly shoulder bag with handles

Tulip is made from avant-garde, cruelty-free and eco-sustainable materials: who knew that from some apple peel a tulip could be born …?.

Tulip is a eco friendly shoulder bag made in a cruelty free and cutting edge material: the apple peel

100 % etichal and cruelty free. 100 % Made in Italy




Black, Basil

Finish and handle color

Basil, Black

External material

Apple leather

Dimensions of the Bag

26x22x12 cm

Product cleaning

Clean with a damp cloth

Lining material

50%PA 50%PU

Length handles

44 cm

Shoulder strap length

107 cm


The apple skin consists of the remains of the apple core and peel. The material, similar to animal skin, is resistant and waterproof. It is also an animal-friendly material and an alternative to many leather products.
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