Fairies bring us a bit of the universe so that we don’t miss it.

– Maria Lai

Janas is the name by which some legendary creatures of the Sardinian tradition are known.

In some places, they are described as benevolent fairies; somewhere else, they are deemed as irritable witches. Everywhere on the island, however, people agree on one thing: these magical creatures dwell in the domus de janas, prehistoric wombs of stone, where they weave golden threads into geometries as ancient as time….

Janas adjustable shoulder bags

Janas -according to Philomena- is the name of the wild feminine. A self that is free to manifest each and every facet of hers. It is the feminine who remembers that “to be is to weave”, and so she intertwines relationships, knowledge, stories; she spins reality and dreams on the loom of the present.

Janas adjustable shoulder bags, external fabric handmade in Sardinia

The Janas collection is made from traditional Sardinian yarnsworked by skilled artisans according to the ancient “pibiones” (grape) weaving technique. This technique is dedicated to the celebration of love, marriage, and new births. Such love is brought to you by Philomena.

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