Jana Du Boscu

Choose Jana Du Boscu if you too are a sylvan creature, enchanted by the sunlight penetrating the woods.
No day is ever the same, no pattern of light is ever repeated. Jana Du Boscu wants to accompany you every day, through every landscape of light and shadow.

Eco-friendly shoulder bag Jana Du Boscu

By purchasing a Jana Du Boscu bag, you will contribute to the birth of a new forest, by planting three trees. How many Janas will meet up and weave golden linings under their branches…?

Jana Du Boscu, eco-friendly adjustable shoulder bag in fabric handmade in Sardinia

100 % ethical and cruelty free. 100 % Made in Italy




Black, Blue, Menta

External material

100% Handwoven cotton

Lining material

50%PA 50%PU

Product cleaning

Clean with a damp cloth

Product pocket dimensions

36×30 cm

Length of the handle

44 cm

Dimensions of the Bag

30x22x10 cm

Product shoulder material

51% Polyurethane 49% Polyester

Shoulder strap length

93 cm

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The Janas collection is made from traditional Sardinian yarns, worked by skilled artisans according to the ancient “pibiones” (grape) weaving technique.  This technique is dedicated to the celebration of love, marriage, and new births. Such love is brought to you by Philomena.

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