Mul Mantra

Each fruit
Holds the seed as if swearing.
As it falls, it swears, and in the shape of a root it replies
to the earth that calls. To the earth that sings
the infinite promise. There is only life
nothing else. Only life.

– Mariangela Gualtieri

Mul Mantra: remembering the roots.
This collection -the very beginning of the Philomena project- delves into the darkness of the soil to find the most modest and magnificent of inspirations. The pungent onion, the swirling cabbage lend their perfect geometry to Mul Mantra, whilst carrying the humblest message: everything is one, everything comes together in a fractal of endless beauty. So above, so below, and so in your hands.

Mul Mantra eco friendly bags 100% made in Italy

Mul Mantra bags are made from cellulose a material sourced from carefully monitored forests, accredited by the Forestry Stewardship Council® and handcrafted by skilled artisans.

Mul Mantra eco friendly bags made of cellulose sourced from carefully monitored forests

Mul Mantra creations are meant for human beings who are in contact with their uniqueness. Human beings who claim the birthright to root themselves in themselves, while experiencing the mystery of belonging to the whole.

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