I am a sinless seed
I am the seed of my Mothers apple
I am the seed of the seed of the seed of the seed
I am the seed of the original seed.

– excerpt from: “The Flower of Life”, Marisa Papen

Vegan and eco friendly bags

Gayatri bags are an invitation to run your fingertip over the perfect petals of the flower of life
Its harmonious proportions conceal the divine design, the sacred geometry at the heart of every creation:from the sunflower to the seashell, including you.

Gayatri: vegan, eco friendly, cruelty free bags, 100% made in Italy

Originated from a profound awareness of the interconnectedness between all forms of life, Gayatri bags are made from vegan and environmentally sustainable materials.
As with all Philomena collections, with each sale of the Gayatri bags three new trees are planted. For an ever-blooming flower of life.

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