Bhargo is the Gayatri model that most of all combines sophistication and practicality.
Wearing Bhargo is not so different from wearing a mala: let the matelassé embroidery reconnect you to your energy force and consciously open up to life.
Let yourself be enchanted and awakened by the flower of life.

Bhargo vegan shoulder bag

Originated from a profound awareness of the interconnectedness between all forms of life, Gayatri bags are made from vegan and environmentally sustainable materials .
As with all Philomena collections, with each sale of the Gayatri bags three new trees are planted. For an ever-blooming flower of life

Bhargo is a shoulder bag made of vegan and eco friendly material

100 % etichal and cruelty free. 100 % Made in Italy




Black, Olive, Caramel, Orange

External material

50%PA 50%PU

Product pocket dimensions

32x21x5 cm

Product cleaning

Clean with a damp cloth

Lining material

50%PA 50%PU

Shoulder strap length

77 cm


The GAYATRI collection made of matelassé is inspired by the flower of life. A fascinating and ancient symbol, which is present in different cultures and stands for harmony and balance.
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