So-Ham: the sound of breath.
From the ancient mantra comes forth the homonymous Philomena creation. An essential bag, , a continuous line between the innerand the outer dimension. No room for frills: justa focused attention on the present. Breath after breath. Effortlessly.

So-Ham ecological bag

Like all bags of the collection Apple Skin, So-Ham is made of adurable leatherette, produced from apple scraps: a cutting-edge, cruelty-free and eco-friendly material.

So-Ham ecological and cruelty free bag made of apple peel

100 % ethical and cruelty free. 100 % Made in Italy




Nigreos, Amaryllis, Rubrum

Dimensions of the Bag


External material

Apple Skyn

Lining material

85% PL 15 % CO

Product cleaning


The apple skin consists of the remains of the apple core and peel. The material, similar to animal skin, is resistant and waterproof. It is also an animal-friendly material and an alternative to many leather products.
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