Ham-sah is a tiny and flawless bag, a perfect place to store the essentials.
Inspired by the geometry of nature, it represents the concept of pars pro toto, “one part representing the whole”.

Ham-Sah eco friendly shoulder bag

Like any bag in the Apple Skin collection, Ham-Sah is made in a cutting edge cruelty free, eco friendly material, the apple peel.

Ham-Sah eco friendly shoulder bag made in apple peel

100 % ethical and cruelty free. 100 % Made in Italy




Nigreos, Amaryllis

External material

Apple Skyn

Lining material

85% PL 15 % CO

Product cleaning

Clean with a damp cloth, keep away from heat sources

Dimensions of the Bag



The apple skin consists of the remains of the apple core and peel. The material, similar to animal skin, is resistant and waterproof. It is also an animal-friendly material and an alternative to many leather products.
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