About Us

About Us
Philomena luxury bags mul mantra ek
Philomena luxury bags made in Italy
Philomena luxury bags mul mantra ek

Philomena is a high-quality luxury brand where ethics meet aesthetics. It stands out for the accurate workmanship without making use of animal leather.

Philomena employs high quality standard ecological materials.

The design is simple as you will recognize the patterns that are inspired by nature.

Philomena does not conform itself to fashion trends, but rather adheres to a taste that is independent of time. 

Each piece turns out unique just as the personality of the wearer is unique. The seasons of Philomena come to life from this very combination.

Philomena is a pretext, as it is the answer to an urge to carry out a vision.

The very name Philomena is chosen to celebrate the Greek letter PHI; the symbol of the golden ratio.


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